A Sojourn in the Valleys of Death:
The Importance of Knowledge Translation
presented by Eva Grunfeld, MD, FCFP, PhD
Professor, University of Toronto


Knowledge Translation is a vital but often neglected aspect of health research. It is only through a systematic approach to knowledge translation that the benefits of health research will be realized for patients and populations. This presentation will provide an overview of knowledge translation from definition to application.

This luncheon is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


Dr. Rogers Prizeā„¢ Luncheon:
Meaningful Translation of Integrative Oncology Research:
Using the Right

presented by Marja J. Verhoef, PhD
Department of Community Health Services
University of Calgary


Over the past 10 years, integrative oncology has grown into a reputable, valuable and mostly clinical discipline. Its mission is to advance evidence-based, comprehensive, integrative healthcare to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. For this to be achieved, research is needed that not only builds an evidence base but also translates this knowledge to practitioners and patients to enhance the quality of treatment and care. This can be challenging as cancer care more often than not is complex and requires evaluation approaches that address this complexity, including patient values and the context of the disease. This talk will address alternative research designs, the reasons for using them within integrative oncology, and the implications for patients and clinicians.