Monday, October 21, 2013: CONFERENCE DAY 2

All times indicated are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

0630 (6:30 am) Wellness Sessions: Morning Yoga, Meditation, 

                            Stanley Park Run - Click here for running routes.

0715 (7:15 am) Continental Breakfast; Registration and Exhibits Open

BC Foyer

0730 (7:30 am) SIO Committee Meetings*:

Clinical Practice - Waddington
Education - Boardroom
Membership - Hornby
Research - Vancouver Island
*Committee meetings are open to SIO members.

0830 (8:30 am) KEYNOTE: Physical Activity and Cancer Prevention/Survivorship

Kerry S. Courneya, PhD

0930 (9:30 am) Refreshment Break; Exhibits and Posters

BC Foyer

Individual Meetings with OCCAM Staff

1000 (10:00 am) PLENARY 4: Advances in Nutrition Therapy: The Microbiome -
                               (click here for details)

  Moderators: Paul Rogers, MD and Elena J. Ladas, PhD, RD

A.  The Microbiome and Cancer: Should we Ever Prescribe
      Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP

B.   The Microbiota at the Mucosal Luminal Interface: Lessons from
       Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
       David Mack, MD
C.   Probiotics and Tumor Suppression: Potentials and Limitations
       Satya Prakash, PhD
D.   A Feasibility Trial of Lactobacillus Plantarum in Children
       Undergoing Stem Cell Transplant
       Elena J. Ladas, PhD, RD


1110 (11:10 am) Travel time to concurrent sessions

1115–1230 (11:15 am-12:30 pm) Concurrent Sessions

  1. WORKSHOP: Mastering Stress and Burnout: Addressing Needs of Practitioners Taking Care of Patients Affected by Cancer Kenneth Sapire, MD; Moshe Frenkel, MD
    1. Latent Classes of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Behaviors Among Breast Cancer Survivors
      Garrett Strizich
    2. Assuring Dietary Supplement Quality for Cancer Patients: An Integrated Formulary Systems Approach
      Paul Reilly, ND
    3. The Exceptional Patient in Cancer Care - Research Challenges
      Moshe Frenkel, MD
    4. Clarifying Claims and Hypotheses in Integrative Oncology Using the Claim Assessment Profile: First Steps of Success Toward Collaborative Prospective Research
      Shamini Jain, PhD
    5. Outcomes of a One-On-One Decision Support Program for Cancer Patients Interested in Complementary Medicine
      Antony Porcino, PhD
    1. Comparison of Different Mushroom Supplements in Their Immune Stimulatory Potential by Measuring Cytokine Induction and Activation of Bone Marrow Derived Dendritic Cells
      Catherine Coy, ND
    2. Modified Regular Ginseng Extract Regulates Autophagy on Human Non-Small Lung Cancer A549 Cells by AMPK Signaling
      Hwaseung Yoo, OMD, PhD
    3. The Mechanisms of Tong-Luo-San-Jie Gel Inhibition of Bone Cancer Pain: Involvement of TRP Channels and Cytokines
      Juyong Wang, PhD
    4. Antitumor Activity of Sandalwood Oils with Emphasis on the Effect of α-And β-Santalols on Human Prostate Cancer and Melanoma
      Manju Sharma, MD
    5. Resveratrol Enhances Mitomycin C-Mediated Suppression of Cell Proliferation in Colon Cancer Cell Lines by Modulating Expression of Cell Cycle Regulating Genes
      Irshad Ali, MD
    1. The Ethics of Giving Uncertainty a Positive Place in Integrative Oncology
      Monika Clark-Grill, MD, PhD, FRNZCGP
    2. Disturbing Evidence
      Ann Fonfa, BPS
    3. Patterns, Perceptions, and Expectations of Exercise and CAM Practices Among Cancer Survivors
      Judith Fouladbakhsh, PhD, PHCNS-BC, AHN-BC, CHTP
    4. Children, Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) Undergoing Treatment for Cancer Perceive Benefits to Acupuncture Therapy
      Doug McDaniel, LAc
    5. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Care: Examining Cancer Patients and Health Care Practitioners
      Linda Carlson, PhD, CPsych

1230 (12:30 pm) Dr. Rogers Prize Luncheon
                               Meaningful Translation of Integrative Oncology Research:
                               Using the Right Methods   Click here for details.
                               presented by Marja J. Verhoef, PhD;
                               Department of Community Health Services,
                               University of Calgary

1345 (1:45 pm) PLENARY 5: The Role of Cannabis in Integrative Oncology
                             (click here for details)                             
                             Moderator: Lynda Balneaves, PhD, RN

There has been a resurgence in interest and research focused on the role of cannabis in cancer care. This session will provide historical, basic science and clinical overview of cannabis and its therapeutic potential in oncology. In addition, the experience of accessing and utilizing cannabis for therapeutic purposes will be discussed from the patient perspective.

  1. Introduction to Cannabis in Integrative Oncology
    Lynda Balneaves, PhD, RN
  2. Cannabis in Cancer Care
    Donald Abrams, MD
  3. Cannabis from the Patient Perspective
    David Hutchison
  4. Moderated Discussion and Questions
    Lynda Balneaves, PhD, RN

1500 (3:00 pm) PLENARY 6: Integrative Oncology Clinical Guidelines: Current
                             and Future Guidelines from SIO (click here for details)

The field of integrative oncology is rapidly growing and there is a need for clear, evidence-based clinical guidelines on the practice of integrative oncology. To date, SIO has published four separate evidence-based clinical guidelines. During this session, Gary Deng, MD, PhD (SIO Past President) and Heather Greenlee, ND, PhD (SIO President Elect), will present the recently published guidelines on the use of integrative oncology for lung cancer (CHEST, 2013), including the process for developing the guidelines and the clinical recommendations. Dr. Greenlee and Suzanna Zick, ND, MPH (SIO Executive Committee) will present the plans and process for developing future updated SIO clinical guidelines across multiple cancer types.
Moderator: Gary Deng, MD, PhD

CHEST 2013 Guidelines:
Gary Deng, MD, PhD and Heather Greenlee, ND, PhD

Future SIO Guidelines:
Heather Greenlee, ND, PhD and Suzanna Zick, ND, MPH


1615 (4:15 pm) Refreshment Break; Exhibits and Posters


1645–1800 (4:45 am-6:00 pm) Concurrent Sessions

  1. Multidisciplinary Integrative Tumour Board
  2. WORKSHOP: Developing a Vision for Knowledge Translation in Integrative Oncology
    Anne Leis, PhD; Michael Epstein, PhD; Lynda Balneaves, RN, PhD;
    Dugald Seely, MSc, ND, FABN; Marja Verhoef, PhD; Laura Weeks, PhD
    1. An Explanation and Exploration of the Effects of Tibetan Yoga on Patient’s Quality of Life and Experience of Lymphoma: A Mixed Methods Approach
      Alejandro Chaoul, PhD
    2. Effects of Tai Chi Easy on Fatigue, Mood, Sleep and Neuropathy Symptoms in Colorectal Cancer Survivors
      Linda Larkey, PhD
    3. Health Related Quality of Life Outcomes: A Reflexology Trial with Advanced Breast Cancer Patients
      Gwen Wyatt, RN, PhD
    4. Impact of Massage Intervention on Symptom Distress in Cancer Patients and Caregivers
      Gabriel Lopez, MD
    5. Physical Activity Levels and Dietary Patterns in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
      Shruti Jolly, MD
    1. Is Pretreatment Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D a Prognostic Indicator in Advanced Colorectal Cancer?
      Pankaj Vashi, MD
    2. Fish Oil for Cancer-Induced Cachexia in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer
      Norleena Gullett, MD
    3. Patient with Metastatic Breast Cancer Achieves Stable Disease for 5 Years on Graviola and Xeloda After Progressing on Multiple Lines of Therapy
      Damien Hansra, MD
    4. Natural Product Nanomedicines in Integrative Cancer Treatment
      Iris Bell, MD, PhD

1800 (6:00 pm) Course Day Ends

1930 (7:30 pm) Evening Dinner Banquet

(You must purchase a ticket to attend the banquet.)